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How Does The Business Credit Work?

Here are some facts:

Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet all keep records of debt payments and other credit information on your business.

Your excellent personal credit doesn’t mean you have taken the right steps to earn a great business credit score.

PAYDEX Score (Dun & Bradstreet), Intelliscore PlusSM (Experian Business), FICO LiquidCredit Small Business Scoring Service.

Who are the sources of data for the credit bureaus: Your Suppliers, Creditors, Other Companies, Public Records (Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Incorporations, etc.), Corporate Financial Reports,…

… and a ton more

How do I start to build credit for my small business?

How to maintain my business credit score?

Business owners who are just starting out may find themselves wondering why they should bother with building a business credit score when they can use personal credit for their businesses.

While this is an option, there are many advantages to using your business as opposed to your personal accounts for certain things like borrowing money or applying for a loan in the future.

For example, if you have no established history of managing debt without defaulting, then lenders might be less likely to give you the same favorable terms that someone with high-quality scores would get.

You also won’t be able to build up any business credit.

Do you have a business credit score? If so, great! If not, read on. Why does this matter? Your business credit score is important because it can affect your ability to get loans for things like equipment and supplies.

The higher your business credit score the easier it will be to acquire these items in the future.

So how do you maintain your business credit score after building it up?
Some of the steps we monitor for your business:

Keeping an eye on your accounts with monthly statements to ensure that all of them are paid off by their due date.
We pay attention to new lines of credit that might show up without warning as well as any late payments or delinquencies.
We alert you if we notice changes in your credit files, bad or good, and answer your questions regarding the best timing for new funding.

Rebuild Project

At this stage, we will evaluate and determine eligibility.

Repair project

Businesses at this stage will most likely benefit from our packages.

Back on Top

Together we will accomplish the desired results and now start maintenance.


We are a reliable credit repair company with over 10 years of experience helping clients out of stressful credit situations. With our results-based credit repair solutions, we achieve success and improve the financial lives of our constantly growing base of satisfied clients.

Getting loans can be difficult for new businesses. Banks often require at least 2 years of experience before they will consider unsecured business funding, which is a major problem since most smaller companies have little to no credit history.

We are here to help.

Credit Cure has been providing business owners with greater access to cheaper and more reliable funding for years. With our new credit packages, we have doubled the potential of unsecured lending in your industry.

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You’re in charge of your small business, and you want to make sure that it is fully supported. We understand the importance of this and work hard so you can focus on what really matters–running a successful company for years to come. If funding has been an issue or if everything seems too overwhelming when thinking about securing funds, don’t worry!
Our business funding sources are perfect for any type of business that we work with.
Credit Cure knows what credit history is needed to secure funding.
let us deal with the credit repair/building without you having to commit additional time or effort into another loan application process.

We can help you obtain unsecured loans from 100k to 300k

Our Business Credit Pricing

Your credit is the backbone of your business. When it’s broken, so are you!

We have over 10 years of fixing businesses’ bad and good credit scores to get them back on their feet financially so they can thrive again.

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Want to improve your personal credit score?

Sometimes the rules of the road aren’t simple.

we get questions from clients about how to improve their scores all the time, but one question that comes up, again and again, is whether they should wait or begin as soon as possible to repair their credit score.

It can take several weeks, and sometimes several months, to see a noticeable impact on your score when you start taking steps to turn it around.

After all, if you want to fix a problem, the sooner you begin working to improve your credit, the sooner you will see results.

75% of our new clients are referrals

"I had a difficult time this year with my family, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to work closely with the team at Credit Cure. They were so nice, helpful, efficient - they made an otherwise challenging task much easier for me. It's also important that there is always someone available on the other end of any phone call you make at Credit Cure; no complicated telephone trees here!"

Lisa L.

"When I was applying for a loan to purchase my building as a small business owner, conventional banks said they couldn’t help me because of my business credit. But The Credit Cure sat down with me and heard about my credit issue and devised a detailed plan for our business. Here we are 1-year later-we just qualified for a loan with great terms because of how great their service has been!
And it will be even better when no one else would take on this risk, which is why now more than ever before businesses like ours need them too."

Martin S.

"The nicest and fastest agents on their field!
The team at Credit Cure made what could have been a very stressful credit-repair process so pleasant and easy to work through, despite bumps in the road and surprises around every corner. My wife and I were never left waiting for an answer or a response text message which is something that haunts our dreams from years of credit-repair companies with empty promises.
Well-worth the investment!
Thanks again, guys!!."

Dean & Laticia W.

How do I know if you can Even Help Me?

Whether you are ready to repair your credit, build your credit, our experts can discuss the best way forward, talk to us.

We offer the same services to our business clients, we also have funding partners ready to assist in funding businesses.

We are here to help!

Areas we can help?

We can help remove errors and inaccuracies from your credit report, then optimize your credit score.

This includes but is not limited to custom disputes, sending effective letters to the bureaus and creditors, validating your debt, sending goodwill letters, and direct appeals to the creditors.

Even though after your credit report is cleared of errors and inaccuracies it is another process to optimize and increase your credit score.

We simply target results and keep fighting for you!

What areas we cannot help with?

We may not be able to help with legitimate debt nor are we an alternative to bankruptcy, debt settlement, or relief from collection agencies.

Credit Cure is not an option if you are having trouble paying your bills.

What if I am unsure?

It’s ok to not know your correct action plan to optimize your credit rating, if you are unsure please give us a call and we will evaluate your state of credit and offer the best options.

There is no obligation and evaluation is free.

We are here to help with your credit-repair or credit-building!

Credit-repair vs. Credit-building, many factors go into determining which option is best suited and our experts will offer you the path to restoring your credit or rebuilding it.

How does the Business Credit Work?

Facts about Business credit to know

PAYDEX SCORE, Intelliscore PlusSM, and FICO LiquidCredit keep a check on the business credit score. However, having an excellent personal credit core does not mean you will also have a great business credit score. It is, in its essence, the business’s ability to borrow money and make timely payments. If the business has been negligent in clearing its dues, then a fast business credit score repair service is the need of the hour. What you would need is a trusted business credit repair company to assist you, and this is where Credit Cure comes in handy.